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Ethical Charter of Giti Pasand Group

  1. Attending the working place on time and timely relationship with customers, we undertake to spare no effort to serve our customers, justify them and behave with them with kindness and honor.
  2. Guiding the customers, we undertake to provide them with required, permitted and complete information, so that the customers do not confuse.
  3. We know it the right of all our customers and colleagues to access our services through justice and equality, regardless their economic situation, sex, age, race, religion, relativeness, etc.
  4. We believe that most developed organizations and staffs are who accept criticism. Accordingly, we permanently try to listen to the statements and requests of our customers and do our best to reply and render our services to them.
  5. We undertake to be honest in our statements and behaviors, comply with administration levels, arrange appropriate relations with our colleagues and value their dignity, rank and position.
  6. We undertake to persevere, minimize our mistakes, carry out the works with accuracy and minimum costs and avoid imposing extra charges to the customers.
  7. We permanently try to apply simple, effective and useful methods in doing our works, omit redundant bureaucracies and unnecessary measures, and do not have any expectation from our customers when doing our tasks. In addition, we carry out our tasks skillfully and without any supervision of our bosses.
  8. We undertake to avoid backbiting, gossiping, repeating incorrect statements and dishonoring. We do also behave against dishonoring the human beings and any kind of administrative corruption such as recommendation and receiving any unusual present or cash amount.
  9. Enhancing our knowledge and science, we always try to take our tasks effective, efficient and as soon as possible, as well as in accordance with rules and regulations, in order to upgrade the performance of our complex every day.
  10. We undertake to wear clothes in according to our society culture and not to smoke in our working places.
  11. We always comply with updated scientific standards during carrying out our activities, use the information required for rendering services and accelerating execution of affairs and spare no efforts to optimize the operational methods.
  12. Avoiding extravagancy in Group property, we undertake to locate equipment and tools accurately and appropriately, in order to access easily when required; we also undertake to apply safety tools.
  13. We undertake to predict required time for carrying out the activities, based on the specific and documented method and according to our organizational authority or that of our bosses.
  14. Using the authority correctly, we undertake to pay special attention to the talents and abilities of the staffs working under our management, optimize their growth, and comply with competence of staffs when appointing them and distributing the facilities among them. Sparing no efforts to appreciate the staffs and seriously oppose the violations of regulations, we also undertake to apply encouragement and punishment for the staffs, relative to their performance.
  15. We undertake not to be indifferent to the questions and problems of staffs, pay special attention to the accuracy of works during the mission of the staffs, provide them with the complete and desired information and news, so that they can render their services and accelerate their works.

We swear to permanently consider compliance with the rules, common law and standards of the society and to take steps to realize the Islamic and human objectives.


Hall of Honors

  • Permanent member of international research and standard centers such as ASME, ASHRAE, ICC, BSi, RPA, ASTM and IAPMO.
  • Member of Industry and Mineral council in Esfahan Province.
  • Member of scientific and research council of  Esfahan Province.



  • Achieving "Country Best Production Unit" for Giti Pasand Industrial Group. (2011)
  • Achieving "National Best Employer" (2010)
  • Achieving "Best Unit with Quality Management Standard in Esfahan Province" for Azin Luleh Sepahan Co. (2010)
  • Achieving  "Best  Research Unit" for Ati Luleh Sepahan  Co. (2009)
  • Achieving "Best Food & Hygienic Industries" in Esfahan Province for Azin Luleh Sepahan Co. (2009)


Scientific Achievements:

  • Registered patent of producing polyethylene capable of being netted for production of five-layer PEX-AL-PEX Pipe.
  • Registered patent of increasing heat stability (HDT)  of ABS (Acryl nitrite- Butadiene-Styrene) with Nano materials.
  • Achieving the production technology of polyethylene capable of being cross linked (PEX).
  • Establishment of technological research center s of polymer, chemistry, physics, electricity & electronics, automation, mechanic , Nano particles and Nano fibers.
  • Receiving Certifications and Approvals from Iran Institution of Industrial Standard and Research and international institutions such as DQS, IQ net, WRc-NSF and DVGW.
  • Holder of Hygienic Certifications form both English NSF and German HY Institutes (having contract with DVGW Laboratory).


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Group Expertise Sites

The founders of the country biggest private section in installations and building industry together with some Esfahan talented and diligent youths established its milestone seventeen years ago through running the research centers of polymer, mechanics and electricity as well as one or two production units. Their hearted intention and strategic thought were to prevent exiting the crude oil and its raw derivations from the country, employment, production of Iranian products and make the name of Iran prominent in the world, especially in central Asia and Persian Gulf Region as well.

The Giti Pasand Strategy has been so determined that the Group can produce different products and submit them to domestic and international markets. These products are produced in three sections of building and urbanization, chemical & polymeric and agriculture & animal husbandry, with use of modern know-how as well as recognizing the domestic potentials including minerals and effective man-power.    

The result of studies, tests and products of the Group during these years are inauguration of 38 production units in mediatory and low hand industries which have suitable technical and economic briefs as well as establishment and equipment of other seven research centers for energy, metallurgy, building, chemistry, mechanics, mineral and agriculture as well.

The result of investigations made in research centers and activities of factories are production and submission of more than twenty products to the market with best quality and suitable prices. These products have received the required national and international certifications and standards. It has provided the opportunity for Giti Pasand to compete with its rivals for similar products in domestic and international markets.

Producing Azin Luleh one-layer and New Pipe five-layer pipes and connections, Giti Pasand took step many years ago in country installations industry market. This presence has permanently played an effective role in modification of executive models in this industry. Sometime later than Azin Luleh and New Pipe, other brands of this Industrial Group were created, each submitting a set of base and applicable products to the Iranian consumption market. Kimia Javid, Sepehr Foam, FLXT, New Flex, RSN, SGP, Dina Polymer, Nano Kim, Git Co. and New Warm are other Giti Pasand trade brands which products are known in oil and petro chemistry, polymer, building, car, etc. and are directly or indirectly used in home and life of most Iranian people. These products are also used as the raw materials of many production units in the country.

Emphasizing on the hearted intention of the Group founders and fixing that strategic thought, the big family of Giti Pasand Industrial Group has been now changed to one of the productive and economic samples relying on Iranian powerful and thinking man-power. As well-known with famous products in Iran and all over the world, Giti Pasand is due to vast appropriately and effectively.

Four fundamentals of stable development of Giti Pasand Group are personal and group growth and development of more than three thousand people, permanent upgrade of quality and quantity of technical equipment in the Group production units, continuous use of modern know-how and finally achievement of maximum consent of Group customers. These fundamentals are based on the professional ethics in this Group and are continuously executed.

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janati L    vaeidi L

  Naser Janati

  Director of Board of Directors

  Mostafa Vaeidi

  Managing Director


 Mr. Naser Janati- He was recruited in Iron Melting Factory in 1968. After some years of activity in this factory, he entered production of car parts. After Islamic Revolution and during imposed War, based on his duty, he started support of Imam Hossein Army through making ammunitions. Firstly, this support began with producing mortar 81. Then it continued with production of Mini Katiusha, 105mm bullet, etc. After accepting the Resolution and finishing the War, this complex was left without any support of the related organizations, in spite of its production and man powers as well as its machinery.Aiming at using the existed capacity, he entered machinery industry such as cutter and press. In 1998 and after changes made in this section, he started the production activity in building installations industry. Production of 5-layer pipes is the first ones of his complex.



Born in 1958, in Esfahan

Holding B.S. degree of applied Physics from Esfahan University

Executive Records

  • Member of founding board and Managing Director of Giti Pasand Industrial Group (since 1998 till now)/ establishment and putting 27 factories into operation as well as other 10 factories which are being established.
  • Production Programming Manager of Fooladsaban Co. (1989 to 1998)
  • Presence in 8-year Defence (1980-1988)

Other working Records

  • Direct employment for more than 3000 people and indirect employment for more than 60000 people
  • Running the first 52-unit IGB in Esfahan (first time in Iran)
  • Designing the intelligent city with the cooperation of Esfahan Municipality
  • Membership in Scientific and Specialized Assemblies
  • Consultant of strategic committee compiling regulations and standards of research center of road, dwelling and urbanization (since 2013 till now)
  • Member of most specialized international research centers such as ICC, ASME, ASTM, BSi, etc.
  • Permanent member of most specialized valid international research and standard centers such as ASHRAE, ICC, BSi, RPA, ASTM, IAPMO and ASME.
  • Member of coordination council between university and industry in Esfahan Province (2011 up to now)
  • Member of executive board of special scientific and technological zone in Esfahan Province (2011 till now).
  • Member of Industry and Mineral co-thinking council in Esfahan Province (2011 till now)
  • Member of trustees council of scientific and research town in Esfahan Province (2005 till now).


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Vision and Strategic Objectives


It is among the natural tasks to have strategy and structure for achieve the objective. If we have divine and purified beliefs and intentions, we will be guided to the best routes, according to the God Statement in Holy Quran, "Those, who do their best in our way, we do lead them to ours."

Strategic programming of Giti Pasand Industrial Group in a middle-period program (up to the end March 2017 is as follows:


Achieving a big and affective pole of production-export based on production chains from raw materials to final products as well as distribution networks.


Creation of production chains from raw materials (minerals) to final products, their distribution networks as well as suitable preparation for carrying out such activities as economic, vast, stable and compatible with Islamic rules.

Objective and Strategic Axes:

Achieving a production-export power based on the huge country capabilities and via production and sale of products in amount of Rls. 200,000 milliard at least (one USD equals to Rls. 30,000), from which USD 3 milliard shall be export value in 2016.

Strategic Axes:

  1. Revising the economic –production rules
  2. Creating lost rings of production chains of raw materials to final products
  3. Leading the private section
  4. Creating working groups of production and distribution as secondary groups besides the Group
  5. Creating maximum economic growth of the Group
  6. Separating the units which do not have the economic brief to stay in the Group, but they shall be besides the Group
  7. Creating formations outside the Group which can affect the success of the Group
  8. Creating suitable Group position in the Customers' society
  9. Increasing the capacity through ordering a part of activities outside the Group
  10. Upgrading the current Group technologies
  11. Carrying out all the activities based on the Islamic directives
  12. Protecting the environment
  13. Paying special attention to the export markets
  14. Creating system sub-structures, aiming at use of organizational resources (man power, equipment, energy, materials, etc.) in the best way, as well as increasing the sale of products and broad increasing in the costs.
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Board of Directors, Deputies and Managers


Director of Board of Directors

Mr. Naser Janati


Managing Director

Mr. Mostafa Vaeidi



Deputy of Finance and Economy

Mr. Hossein Salehi


Deputy of Administration and Human Resources

Mr. Javad Tajmir Riahi


Head of Commercial Deputy

Mr. Mostafa Vaeidi




Head of Project Deputy

Mr. Ali Karimi


Technical and Operational Deputy

Mr. Bahram Seyed Ahmadahram Seyed Ahmad Nia


Head of Research and Development Deputy

Mr. Homayun Riahi




Manager of Public Relations and International Affairs

Mr. Mohammad Givi



Strategic Manager of Information Technology

Mr. Ali Reza Ebrahimi



Manager of Performance Evaluation

Mr. Mehdi Rafieian


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