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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility for Giti Pasand means how to earn money responsibly via business. This Industrial Group has done its best to converge its own commercial behaviors to win-win relationship in the working fields of employees, customers, contractors as well as environment and society. The Group has tried to achieve actual social responsibility of companies via creation of common value for both society and this economic institution.

Social responsibility of companies emphasizes on their responsibility and responding to the society as the base of the behavior for an organization and supervises on how the companies carry out their businesses responsibly and earn money. In other words, the social needs of society define the economic markets. Therefore, the economic institutions are responsible against all beneficiaries.

The most important objectives of the Group in the frame of social responsibility are as follows:

  1. Richness and decrease in the gap between activities carried out in the Group and their external images.
  2. Enjoying the social responsibility as the tool of market development.

Aiming the scattered charity and human activities of the Group.

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Research and Development

The area of Innovation in SGP industrial group is represented by our Research and Development departments. This area optimizes existing processes and products and develops new processes and concepts. Driven forward by the requirements and creativity of our customers, we are motivated to shift the limits of what is possible. In doing so, we work closely with the production operations of SGP industrial group, are in close contact with colleagues in Sales, Marketing and Quality Management, and exchange experiences with suppliers.


Research Groups

  • Polymer
  • Chemistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Building
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanics
  • Mineral
  • Energy
  • Physics
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Shop-to-shop Training Center

Shop-to-shop training center (Javar) of Giti Pasand Industrial Group inaugurated its activities on Wednesday January 15, 2014 in Moorchehkhort Industrial Town, in presence of General Manager of Professional and Technical Training Organization of Esfahan Province, Mr. Abutaleb Jalali.

Among the most important objectives of this Javar Training Center of Giti Pasand Industrial Group, we can refer to development of professional trainings in the factories of the Group as well as realization of the Group economic programs in employment section.

Aiming at making the training programs of Giti Pasand Industrial Group operational and developing its quantity and quality, receiving the permission has been put on the working table of Giti Pasand training center for the shop-to-shop training center (Javar) from the Professional and Technical Training Organization.

It is in the case that the Group training center has provided thousands of professional training man-hours since 1998 and inauguration of shop-to-shop training center (Javar) can enhance the quality and effectiveness of these training courses.

It is added that shop-to-shop training center of Giti Pasand Industrial Group has been established based on Note 2 of Article No. 110 of I. R. Iran Work Rule, i.e. execution of regulation related to working training centers like Javar shop-to-shop training center through which Giti Pasand can arrange training courses more than 30 hours for its own employees and issue the related certifications with coordination of Professional and Technical Training Organization.

Moreover, the employees of other factories and companies can attend these training courses and receive the valid certification from Professional and Technical Training Organization, provided that they can pass the final exam.

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