Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility for Giti Pasand means how to earn money responsibly via business. This Industrial Group has done its best to converge its own commercial behaviors to win-win relationship in the working fields of employees, customers, contractors as well as environment and society. The Group has tried to achieve actual social responsibility of companies via creation of common value for both society and this economic institution.

Social responsibility of companies emphasizes on their responsibility and responding to the society as the base of the behavior for an organization and supervises on how the companies carry out their businesses responsibly and earn money. In other words, the social needs of society define the economic markets. Therefore, the economic institutions are responsible against all beneficiaries.

The most important objectives of the Group in the frame of social responsibility are as follows:

  1. Richness and decrease in the gap between activities carried out in the Group and their external images.
  2. Enjoying the social responsibility as the tool of market development.

Aiming the scattered charity and human activities of the Group.

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