EPE Foam Sheet

EPE Foam Sheet


Product Introduction

Sepehr Foam Co. is the biggest producer of EPE polyethylene foam in our country. With the approach of high quality level, the products of the company have been able to attract the attention of technical specialists and that of consumers.


Polyethylene foams are produced as sheets in thicknesses of 0.5-35 millimeters and as flats in thicknesses from 40 to 120 millimeters. EPE polyethylene foams can be laminated with different types of aluminum and metalized foils and polymeric films.

  • Heat insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • Humidity insulation

  • Building
  • Packing
  • Making mattress


  • Density
  • Pressure …..
  • Coefficient of heat conduction
  • Rate of water absorption
  • Elasticity strength
  • Elongation
  • Heat tolerance 

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