XPE Floor Heating Foam

XPE Floor Heating Foam


Product Introduction

XPE floor heating foam is used as the best foam for floor heating system, due to crosslink, higher heating resistance in comparison with polyethylene foam and unulite, remaining safe and sound for long time, coefficient between 0.033 and 0.049 W/MK that prevents energy wasting and good humidity

New Arrivals


It has the highest output in preventing energy wasting, compared with other foams. XPE floor heating foam is produced in thicknesses of 20-40mm in roll shapes. XPE floor heating foams can be laminated with different types of aluminum and metalized foils.

  • Very low heat conduction
  • Heat & cool insulation
  • Humidity insulation    
  • High destruction resistance
  • Low speed burning
  • Laminated with different types of covers

  • Heat from floor
  • Building floor insulation


  • Density
  • Pressure …..
  • Coefficient of heat conduction
  • Rate of water absorption
  • Elasticity strength
  • Elongation
  • Heat tolerance  
  • Flammability
  • Penetration of water vapor (Iranian National Standard)
  • Z, Coefficient of water vapor resistance (Iranian National Standard)
  • W, Coefficient of water vapor penetration (Iranian National Standard)
  • G, Rate of water transmission (Iranian National Standard)

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