XPE Foam Sheet

XPE Foam Sheet


Product Introduction

Sepehr Foam Company is the only producer of XPE foam in our country. During production process of these foams, they are baked that results in three-dimensional structures of foam products and consequently in their properties.

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This group of foams is known as XPE crosslink polyethylene foam (netted). This foam is produced as pipe in thicknesses of 10-25mm and in sizes of 3.8-5 inches. XPE pipe foams can be laminated with different types of aluminum and metalized foils, polymeric films and PVC.

  • Very low heat conduction
  • High chemical resistance
  • Heat & cool insulation
  • Humidity insulation
  • Free of toxic gases
  • High destruction resistance
  • Variety in colors  
  • Low speed burning
  • Laminated with different types of covers

  • Building industry (heat insulation for warm and cold water pipes)
  • Car industry (car wiring protector)
  • Sport industry (Ab rocket and body building unit)
  • Chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries (pipe insulation)
  • Complete catalogue
  • One-sheet catalogue


  • Density
  • Pressure …..
  • Coefficient of heat conduction
  • Rate of water absorption
  • Elasticity strength
  • Elongation
  • Heat tolerance  
  • Flammability
  • Penetration of water vapor (Iranian National Standard)
  • Z, Coefficient of water vapor resistance (Iranian National Standard)
  • W, Coefficient of water vapor penetration (Iranian National Standard)
  • G, Rate of water transmission (Iranian National Standard)

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