Product Introduction

Considering the importance of kitchen sink in carrying out the activities such as preparing the raw materials for meal foods, washing dishes and also repeated using of sink during a day,

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the quality of this product can play an effective role in comfort of family members, sanitation of baked food and beauty of kitchen. This need of customers, especially housewife has been met with FLXT sinks.

  • 10-years of changing guarantee
  • Accompanied with free-of-charge siphon and drainage
  • Having EPDM self-adhesive sealing strip and flexible clamps to connect built-in sinks to cabinet
  • Having shock absorbing pad installed under basin to reduce the voice created when water drops and to avoid impacts to basin and to heat insulate it
  • Having suitable and firm package in order to prevent damage of product
  • Sanitation of product which is lack of harmful element and heavy metals
  • Large number of agents supplying the product all over the country
  • Vast after-sale-services in the country


  • Installation of sink shall be done by experienced people.
  • Cleaning the steel sink with vinegar and water and drying it with a clean cloth shall result in further durability and beauty of product.
  • Avoidance of using the whitening liquid and other similar materials which cause corrosion of sink protective layer.
  • Avoidance of putting very hot vessels on the sink that can cause change of metal surface color.

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