Wall Condensing Package


Product Introduction

Giti Pasand Industrial Group has succeeded for the first time in Iran to manufacture and produce the cooling and heating equipment, each of which components is made with most modern units and quality control devices in laboratories and according to last standards.

Nike Kyrie 5

Due to its extraordinary high operational output of 110%???? and its other unique advantages, the Unit plays a key role in optimizing the energy consumption in buildings. With its special technology, the Unit does not pollute the environment, but purifies it.

  • High operational output, compared with previous equipment
  • Low fuel consumption (3), low amount of emitting the polluting gases
  • Providing more comfort for residents in building, considering that the equipment can be programmed.
  • Materials with better quality, compared with other similar products (in terms of resistance against the corrosion originated from condensation)


  • Maximum extraordinary operational output of 110%???
  • High compatibility with heating floor system
  • Reduction of fuel consumption up to 30%
  • Performance even with low pressure of consumed water
  • Having anti sediment and anti-icing systems
  • Possibility of smart controlling on the Package with internet and telephone
  • Package controlling with room and environmental thermostat
  • Parallel installation of the equipment for further capacities
  • Having purifying mechanism for reducing emission of polluting gases
  • High safety coefficient for preventing entrance of smoke to house
  • Lack of noise during Unit operation
  • Having the technology of combining gas and entered air


  • Commercial, administrative, residential and educational buildings in small and medium dimensions