Wall & Ground Reservoir Condensing Package


Product Introduction

Heating packages without reservoir are not able to simultaneously supply consumable warm water for some consumers, because these Units prepare warm water as prompt.

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On the other hand, based on their structures, each package can only support one of the heating circuits or provide consumable warm water. In residential buildings equipped with fan coil or split duct, the winter heating confronts with problem, due to priority to supply consumed warm water in heating packages without reservoir. In continuation of designing and producing the products with high output and compatible with environment and after supplying condensing package (as independent heating system for small units) and powerful condensing system (as central heating system for residential complexes), the Energy and Installations Division of Giti Pasand Industrial Group has rendered reservoir condensing packages, aiming at supplying heating and consumable warm water for big residential buildings. Reservoir condensing package is designed in two wall and ground models with the aim of removing the limits of usual heating packages through a stainless steel reservoir with 80-liter capacity which can be connected to returning system of consumable warm water.

  • Maximum heating output of 110%??? (according to EN677)
  • Restoring reservoir of stainless steel (SS316L) with 80-liter capacity
  • Possibility of connecting to returning system of consumed warm water
  • Equipped with Anti-legionella
  • Installable inside or outside the building
  • Installable as wall or ground package
  • Parallel installation with higher capacities
  • Complete compatibility with different heating systems (floor heating system, radiator, split duct, etc.)
  • Anti-sediment system
  • Automatic anti-icing system
  • Ability to combine with solar heating system