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Product Introduction

These buildings with limited and ordered dimensions are transportable with trailer or crane for different applications such as toilets, guardianship, working office, passenger residential camp and other similar cases.

Nike Zoom Flight Bonafide

  • Very high strength of walls due to using light concrete panels with 9-cm thickness
  • Ceramic coat of walls in sanitary service
  • Ability to use different façade materials in external coverings
  • Ability to use paint, fixed walls, dry wall or different types of coating walls in building interior
  • Floor covering with ceramics and other floor coats   
  • Using strong metal structure, in order to enhance strength and durability of building


  • Transportable
  • Needless to special executive operations in installation location
  • Installation ability of cooling and heating systems such as split, heater and water cooler  
  • Metal structure with high strength
  • Ability to locate on any type of floor
  • It has sanitary service, bath, kitchen and water heater