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Metal Structure & Equipment

Metal Structure & Equipment


Product Introduction

Atisazane Kashane Sepahan Company was established in 2002 with Registration No. 19670.

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After establishment and simultaneous with its own growth in working grounds and increase in its production sphere, the Company inaugurated its factory for manufacturing the metal structure and equipment, aimed at production of metal products in different industries as skillful and with desired quality.

Having 36000 square meters, this Company has the following applications: 12000 square meters of ceiled sphere including production saloons of structure, sheet metal and profile making 1300 square meters of paint saloon, 5000 square meters of storing sphere and 580 square meters of administrative building. Using experienced staff and advanced equipment for producing industrial structures such as the unit of producing ………?????, powder welding machine and three-axis drilling machine, and with the aim of increasing accuracy, quality and production speed, different pressing bent and laboratory equipment of paint quality control, quantum-meter, fixed and portable rigidity meter, elasticity test, metallography and corrosion test, the company is ready to render the following services.
Among the facilities of the factory, we can refer to one 20-ton mobile crane, 10 lift tracks with the capacities ranging from 2.5 to 13 tons, two screw compressors, one diesel generator as well as 8000 square meters of sand blast sphere as separate and by the side of factory.


  • Manufacturing and installation of building and industrial structures in different industries and ceiling cranes
  • Manufacturing and installation of aerial water and ground storing reservoirs
  • Manufacturing the material transferring systems (bucket elevator, screw, belt conveyer and air slide)
  • Manufacturing different hood ducts