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Product Introduction

These buildings have been completely ready-made and have different applications such as residential houses, recruiting villas, administrative or working offices, guard rood, training Nike Air Max 2017 centers and toilets.

  • Since these buildings are ready-made, installation and erection of the building is accomplished fast.
  • Suitable for all climatic and environmental conditions
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Since these buildings are light, they can be installed on upper storey.
  • Using different cooling and heating systems


  • Since these buildings are ready-made, there is no need to construction operations in site.
  • Using concrete walls with low weight and high strength
  • Metal structure with high resistance against corrosion
  • The building façade is of concrete with plain and smooth surface
  • Using different types of available coverings to trim the interior of building such as different paints, dry wall, PVC and tile.