Azin Polypropylene One-Layer Pipe, Connections & Tools

azin polypropylene onelayerpipe connections tools


Product Introduction

The raw material of this product, i.e. couple propylene random type 3, with abbreviation name of PPRC TYPE3 is supplied by valid world producers. Being tested and approved, the raw Nike LeBron material is put in the production process. Moreover, the products are accurately investigated for Quality Control in first control stage, during production process and final control stage.

The modern quality control laboratory for these products is one of most equipped laboratories in the country and is a reliable support for quality assurance of Azin Luleh products. Receiving approval as Acridity from Iranian Institute for Standard and Industrial Research confirms scientific and technical capabilities of this laboratory. Considering the coefficient of longitudinal elongation for one layer polymeric pipes in warm piping system, the Company has taken action to produce five-layer polypropylene pipes that prevents penetration of light and oxygen and causes reduction of longitudinal elongation coefficient of pipe, so that when warm water passes through outer pipes, it does not bend or change the appearance of pipe. Due to low coarse coefficient, Azin Luleh polypropylene pipes cause pressure drop in building piping system. Using polymeric connections also create unique equality and harmony among pipe and connection and consequently result in complete sealing. Azin Luleh polymeric pipes have 50-year lifetime.


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1 Sheet Catalog

1 Sheet Catalog

  • Light does not pass through the pipe and consequently micro-organisms do not grow.
  • Guideline on pipe and its connections to increase the speed and quality of piping.
  • Warm and cold water consumption.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Resistant against corrosion.
  • Resistant against acids, bases, etc. It does not deposit and never decays.
  • Pipe appearance is transparent and beautiful.
  • Heat and electric insulation .
  • Resistant against impact (according to the related standard) and environment destructive conditions.
  • Trivial pressure drop.

  • Warm and cold water piping of different buildings.
  • Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Water transference in razors.

Title Data
Melting index 0.3 g/10 min
Percentage of elongation 15%
Ragol grade 77
Melting point 147ºc
Charpy impact strength in 23 ºc It is not broken
Title Data
Density 0.897 g/cm3
Vicket softening point 132 ºc
Heat resistance in 150 ºc in terms of 2000 hours
Charpy impact strength in 30ºc 2.5 kg/m2

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