NewFlex Sewage Push fit Pipes, Connections & Tools

Product Introduction

Since the application of polymeric materials in sewage piping system and simultaneous with improvement of polymeric engineering, much change has been occurred in the structure of such pipes.

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After PE and PVC sewage pipes as well as limitations and difficulties existed in their application and execution, the new generation of sewage pipes, i.e. Push Fit, made of polypropylene (PP) took a good place in production of sewage pipes and connections. Advanced technology applied in production of Push Fit provides a safe and reliable system for consumers. New Flex Push Fit pipes and connections, which are produced by Novin Connections Company, are produced up to size of 160mm. These products together with other products of Giti Pasand Industrial Group meet the requirements of Customers in mechanical installations of buildings.


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1 Sheet Catalog

1 Sheet Catalog

  • Manufactured based on EN 13823 & ISIRI 16222
  • Resistant against external impact and pressure, compared with other polymeric pipes (PE & PVC)
  • It prevents fire transfer (it has fireproof materials)
  • Without need to glue and heat (like PVC) and welding  (like PE)
  • Low  weight and easy to transport
  • Complete and safe sealing
  • Resistant against chemical materials according to DIN8078
  • It has a very soft surface without any coarseness
  • Easy to vent
  • Easy to modify the piping system, if any change occurs in drawing
  • High heat resistance

  • Manufactured based on EN 13823 & ISIRI 16222
  • 100% Quality Control
  • Handler simple design with easy open & close performance
  • It can be connected to different types of metal, polyethylene, five-layer and green pipes.
  • Low pressure drop, compared with other valves
  • Twice sealing coefficient, compared with other valves

Title Data
Firing having fireproof materials
Yielding tension  
Percentage of elongation  
Elasticity module  
Coefficient of heat conduction  
Coarse coefficient  
Title Data
Color mid-gray RAL 7037
Elasticity strength in 20ºc  
Bending tension  
Impact strength  
Coefficient of longitudinal elongation  
PH limitation  

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