Dina Polymer One-Layer Polyethylene Pipe

DinaPolymer OneLayer Polyethylene Pipe

Product Introduction

Dina Polymer Co. has started to produce one-layer polyethylene pipes since 2007 in different sizes ranging from 16 up to 250mm and in pressure levels of 4, 6 and 10bars.

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Having 10 production lines with most modern technologies of Europe, the Company annually produces more than 33000 tons of products. One-layer pipes are produced according to Iranian National Standard and with the permission of Development Center for Agricultural Mechanization.


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1 Sheet Catalog

1 Sheet Catalog

  • Lifetime of 50-100 years
  • High flexibility and executive speed
  • High mechanical resistance in spite of low density
  • Resistance against corrosion, effects of chemical materials and friction
  • Resistance against UV and infra-red rays
  • Easy and low-cost installation with lowest possible connections
  • Low weight and easy transportation of pipes and cost-effectiveness of installation operations
  • Low friction coefficient which remains fixed during application
  • High reliability and reduction of defects in earthquake zones
  • Easy installation, with high strength and without leakage
  • Usable in the regions with low density
  • Resistance against sudden pressure changes
  • Safe against corrosion
  • Sound, heat and electric insulation

  • Pressurized watering system including drop and raining watering systems
  • City and village watering systems
  • Sewage system
  • Telephone and electricity cable coats
  • Building drainage
  • Industrial sewage systems

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