Dina Polymer Two-Layer Polyethylene Pipe

Dina Polymer Two-Layer Polyethylene Pipe


Product Introduction

Two-layer polyethylene pipes are produced in sizes ranging from 200 up to 2500mm and in annual production capacity of more than 12000 tons, according to National 9116 Standard. The pipes are so designed that have much resistance against Zoom Lebron XII 12 external pressure.

Considering the conditions and location, the pipes are produced in different classes of ring resistance according to standard.

  • Manufactured based on EN 13823 & ISIRI 16222
  • 100% Quality Control
  • Handler simple design with easy open & close performance
  • It can be connected to different types of metal, polyethylene, five-layer and green pipes.
  • Low pressure drop, compared with other valves
  • Twice sealing coefficient, compared with other valves

  • Gathering and discharging the city sewage
  • Gathering the surface waters
  • Transference of industrial sewage
  • Agricultural consumptions and drainage
  • Production of polyethylene reservoirs, septic tanks, fat absorber and reservoirs with industrial applications
  • Production of man-hole, polyethylene bridges, etc.

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