Dina Polymer Polyethylene Septic, Manhole & Reservoir

Product Introduction

Dina Polymer Co. is affiliated to Giti Pasand Industrial Group and produces HDPE man-holes in its own four production lines of two-layer polyethylene pipes.

Air Trainer Sc 2

The Company is capable of producing the man-holes in different altitudes as unique and in diameters ranging from 600 to 2500mm as well as polyethylene reservoirs with the capacities from one to ninety cubic meters.

  • Heat tolerance at most up to 90ºC
  • Manufactured based on EN 13823 & ISIRI 16222
  • 100% Quality Control
  • Handler simple design with easy open & close performance
  • It can be connected to different types of metal, polyethylene, five-layer and green pipes.
  • Low pressure drop, compared with other valves
  • Twice sealing coefficient, compared with other valves

  • Sewage man-holes
  • Drainage man-hole
  • Water pool
  • Installation box and valves check
  • Specifications of HDPE man-holes:
  • Production from two-layer polyethylene pipes
  • Production capability in different altitudes as unique
  • Production in diameters from 600 to 2500mm
  • Applications of two-layer reservoirs:
  • Storage of water, oil, petroleum, gasoline, acids, bases and other chemical materials
  • Storage of solid materials
  • Tank septic
  • Fat absorber
  • Advantages of two-layer polyethylene reservoirs
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Low weight and easy transportation
  • Resistance against friction, corrosion and impact
  • Long lifetime
  • Hygienic

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